Responsive Web Design & Development Services in California – A new way to reach non-desktop audiences over their preferred devices

With more than 63% of the audience surf internet over their handful devices like- Tablet, Smartphones, and Phablets, your customers have already changed, & you can’t afford to lose this huge number. But, it’s also a fact that your broken and ugly site on mobile is not gonna impress these users anymore. You just have less than a second of time. If a user browses your website over their tablet or Smartphone, they must have easy and trouble free experience.

And this is what responsive designing services do by exploiting the fluid grid layouts and fluid graphics, which targets the width of in-use browser and resolves the appropriate website display for the accessing devices starting from desktops to laptops, tablets to smartphones and more.

A sneak peak of some imperative benefits of responsive web design

Recommended By Google

Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration.

Highly Flexible

Since responsive websites are fluid, content can freely move adjusting the size of the device.

Excellent user experience

With people are short on time, a responsive website reduces their manual efforts of searching things and serve what exactly then need on their preferred device.

Low on budget

With one website compatible with all the devices, you’ll have no expenses of creating the website for each device particularly.

Reduces the bounce rate

Since a responsive website is designed with optimal user experience, regardless of the device website is being searched on, it’s pages automatically gets scaled according to its size. And the user gets the exact information that they require.