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What makes Search Engine Optimization an unsolved conjecture is the myriad of twists it has with each explains hundreds of points. One who solves it is called the real genius. Once you have obtained them, you are done!

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Why choose Digital Promotion Agency as your SEO Consultant?

Smartness is our breed. Don’t think we are overstating, it’s true! We enlist the team of search marketing consultants who have or who are doing a deep research on this industry and always come up with the unique insights. Since they are better aware of all the happenings of the industry, it helps them to evaluate the better act. With us, you will be better able to magnify the accomplishment of all your online marketing initiatives.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a step-by-step procedure which requires rigorous analysis and planning. So, before initiating the campaign we will do the analysis and planning along with your valuable input on the local market scenario.


Keywords research and Competitors’ research are two major factors that will decide on how to proceed with the campaign in whole. Finding the most used search phrases and the competitors’ edge over you will prepare us for our next step

Reporting & Goal Setting

A complete picture of the campaign, as well as a scale for success, could be drawn from website’s analytics reports and the research we concluded. Now, we set goals for the campaign and report them on a regular interval to you. The reports can help you track the progress and us in tuning the plans better.

Content Building

Content is King says Google for better rankings in its search engine ranking pages (SERP). Develop captivating high-quality content to pique the visitors’ interest and give them a reason to be back for more. Simultaneously, you get a better position on top SERP.

Page Optimization

Fix the issues and optimize the page contents as per the targeted keywords. Clear the path for the crawlers to have a look at your website faster and efficiently.

Social & Link Building

Build a positive reputation by connecting with your customers and prospects online, leave behind a good impression. While you can also promote your business on social media, don’t forget to socialize at times. Quality inbound links from high authority websites will help in quality link building for your websites.

Follow Up Reporting & Analysis

The second step of reporting and goal setting is done periodically to have an effective SEO Campaign