Top 3 Social Media Marketing Platforms



The influence of social media on business is incredible which is undeniable. It is playing an important role over the years irrespective of the size of the business. When you use social media marketing to sell your products it certainly increases the growth of your brand and business exposure.

Today’s modern society is getting more connected and dependent on the internet. Hence to reach out to the potential customers, social media marketing is a good choice to make. The different social media resources are designed to help the marketers advertise their brands more effectively.

It helps to receive direct feedback from the customers which helps the company to improve their services making the company more personable.

Social media marketing platforms:


facebook social media marketing

People often consider Facebook as a fun social space where they get involved in chatting with friends, share their videos, photos and relax. If you want to do successful Marketing on Facebook then you must avoid hard-sell which means stop selling aggressively.

The active participation in the conversations will develop a healthy relationship and try to become part of the community. You can also post new materials regularly which should be interesting. You can get interactive through various offers, contests, games, etc. It takes time to build relationships hence you must have patience and nurture it properly to have positive relationships with other Facebook users.


linkedin social media marketing

To market your business LinkedIn is a great platform. If you have not yet started trying your hands in it then you are definitely missing out something in your marketing strategy. It can drastically increase your marketing foothold. It is a great tool to form connections and to enhance the growth of your business effectively and efficiently.

Passive LinkedIn marketing

It helps in getting introduced to the potential client with whom it might not otherwise be possible to reach.

It displays recommendations which are like word of mouth testimonials which encourage people to do business with you.

Proactive LinkedIn marketing

Your active participation can help to get you effective and quicker results.

When you include your updates about what you are working on and who you are working that may create interest in your targeted customers or clients and will generate business for you.

When you involve yourself in groups and talk to the people of same interests it can help you establish as an expert in your field.  You can send messages and invitation to develop professional relationships that are mutually beneficial to you and other persons.

You can also get your business in front of your market through paid marketing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can help you to expand the horizon of your network to find clients and customers. It helps to create professional reflection and can give you connections that can lead to publicity, and other advantages for the growth of the business.


Twitter social media marketing

Twitter is a communication tool that allows you to send out short messages. You can tweet up to 140 characters long to your followers.

Twitter provides open discussion hence you can listen to what your customers are saying. The valuable feedback is extremely important if you want to expand your business or to improve the quality.

Twitter doesn’t have any charges to use and there are no charges included to tweet. Twitter also provides some advanced tools if you are thinking of investing in Twitter advertising. It is a great tool where you can post on the latest information, promotion, and sales. Marketing on Twitter gives you a great chance to reach your followers from around the world and bring them closer by alleviating the distance.

Twitter chats, gives you the opportunity to connect with customers.  These simple actions of social media marketing will help in increasing the company’s visibility and the chance to gain more customers. It gives the company a better idea about the needs and thoughts of the participants to further enhance their services or products.


Social media marketing otherwise known as internet marketing attracts customers through social platforms and a great marketing tool.








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